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Cameron Highland Ice Plant (Ice Vege)

Crunchy, salty, moist; unlike other vegetables, the ice plant does not give bitterness when eaten raw. Covered with crystal like droplets is how it got its name; a plant covered with icy frost. Commonly known as Ice Vege in Malaysia. 来自金马伦的冰菜绝对能满足您的味蕾。经冷冻后的冰菜,拿去洗一洗,加点沙拉酱或芝麻酱,就可以享用啦。如果说您喜欢热腾腾的菜肴的话,冰菜也可以拿来炒。个人推荐炒腐乳或虾酱(Belacan),都非常好吃。并且冰菜在经过高温烹煮之下并不会失去它爽口的独特口感。冰菜本身是带咸的,煮的时候要注意别放太多盐。
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Ficoïde glaciale, glacier lettuce or Tsuburina; the common ice plant has been called with different names. Here in Malaysia, it is more commonly known as Ice Vege. Slowly making its way up into chefs’ favorite menu, it is now widely accepted amongst the public. The ice plant is covered with crystal-like droplets (which are called bladder cells). That is how the plant got its name; a plant with a layer of icy frost. These shimmering droplets are rich in mineral nutrients which give the vegetable a moist yet crispy sensation with a hint of saltiness. It is rich in vitamins A, B and C, mineral salts and trace elements. The ice plant can be eaten raw without having to taste any bitterness, unlike other leafy vegetable. This will be the perfect vegetables for your children who doesn’t fancy their greens on the plate. 来自金马伦的冰菜绝对能满足您的味蕾。经冷冻后的冰菜,拿去洗一洗,加点沙拉酱或芝麻酱,就可以享用啦。如果说您喜欢热腾腾的菜肴的话,冰菜也可以拿来炒。个人推荐炒腐乳或虾酱(Belacan),都非常好吃。并且冰菜在经过高温烹煮之下并不会失去它爽口的独特口感。冰菜本身是带咸的,煮的时候要注意别放太多盐。