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1 Carton (of 12pck x 1kg)

China Lychee (Fei Zhi Xiao)

Lychee is a tropical tree fruit that is native to southern China and Southeast Asia. The translucent glossy white flesh of lychee is covered by a roughly textured rind, similar to the flesh texture of grape; about 1 to 2 inches in size. It is sweet and succulent with “perfume” flavour. “Fei Zi Xiao” is one of the premium kinds of lychee, which gets its name from an interesting story. 荔枝是一种热带树果,原产于中国南部和东南亚。荔枝的半透明白色果肉被粗糙的果皮覆盖,有着类似于葡萄的口感。大约1到2英寸大小。香甜多汁,带有“香水”的味道。 “妃子笑”是荔枝中的皇族,它的名字源于一个有趣的故事。
  • Nutrients
    Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Dietary Fiber, Potassium, Copper
  • Package Details
    12 basket x 1kg per carton
  • Optimal Storage
    0°C ~ 7°C

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Origin : China

Lychee is low in calorie, it contains no saturated fats or cholesterol; but it is an excellent source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber. The fiber content in every 100g of fresh lychee equals to 119% of daily-recommended value. Lychee contains an anti-oxidant, oligonol, which have several anti-oxidant and anti-influenza virus actions; it also helps in improving blood flow in organs, body weight maintenance, and skin protection from harmful UV rays. Lychee is also a very good source of B-complex vitamins, such as thiamin, niacin and folates; and minerals, such as potassium and copper. 荔枝的热量很低,不含饱和脂肪或胆固醇,但它是维生素C和膳食纤维的来源。每100克新鲜荔枝中的纤维含量等于每日推荐值的119%。荔枝含有抗氧化剂寡酚,具有多种抗氧化剂和抗流感病毒的作用。它还有助于改善器官的血液流动,维持体重和保护皮肤免受有害紫外线的伤害。荔枝还是B复合维生素的很好来源,例如硫胺素,烟酸和叶酸。和矿物质,例如钾和铜。