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1 Carton (of 36pcs)

China Sinco Pear

Sinco Pears are crunchy, juicy and sweet. Extreme care is taken while growing these pears; the outcome is a clean, blemish-free fruit. Unlike Western pears, Sinco Pears are round and large in size. The skin of the pear has a light, brownish-yellow tint while the inner flesh is white. This variety is cultivated to have an extremely thin skin, which is sweet, not bitter. 梨即百果之宗。因其鲜嫩多汁,酸甜适口,所以又有天然矿泉水之称。新高梨的果肉又香又脆,多汁且甜美。种植时需悉心照顾,方能结出这种干净,无瑕疵的硕果。与西方梨子不同,新高梨子是圆形且大,淡淡的棕黄色果皮,包裹着甜美多汁的白色果肉。甜而不腻。
  • Nutrients
    Fiber, Potassium, Vitamin K and C, Copper
  • Package Details
    36 pcs per carton
  • Optimal Storage
    0°C ~ 7°C

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Origin : China

Sinco pears are often called “apple pears” due to their appearance and texture. They have a high water content, which means they are best for fresh eating and not recommended for baking. They tend to be large in size and bruise easily. They can last for weeks if stored in a cold and dry place. These fruits are high in fiber, low in calories and contain a number of micronutrients that are important for blood, bone and cardiovascular health.由于其外观和口感,也被称为“苹果梨”。它们的水分含量高,这意味着它们最适合新鲜食用,不建议烘烤。它们往往体积大且容易擦伤。存放在阴凉干燥的地方,就可以储存数周。这些水果纤维含量高,卡路里含量低,并含有许多对血液,骨骼和心血管健康至关重要的微量营养素。