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France Juliet Organic Apple Juice (1L)

•100% pure, no coloring, no preservatives and no added sugar. •Delicious concentration of sweetness and flavors. • Health benefits which an apple can offer. •Before opening: 24 months at room temperature, keep away from direct sunlight •After opening: Keep cool and consume within 5 days •100%纯净,无色素,无防腐剂和无添加糖。 •甜度和风味的可口集中。 •苹果可以提供的健康益处。 •打开前:在室温下放置能二十四个月,避免阳光直射 •开封后:保持凉爽并在5天内食用 •100%Chúnjìng, wú sèsù, wú fángf
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Produced purely with Juliet organic apples, the Juliet Organic Apple Juice is free from colouring, preservatives and added sugar. Enjoy its natural sweetness any time of the day while benefiting from the health benefits an apple can offer.朱丽叶有机苹果汁完全由朱丽叶有机苹果制成,不含色素,防腐剂和添加的糖。一天中的任何时候都可以享受其天然甜味,同时受益于苹果可以提供的健康益处。